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Mobile Wallet

A truly decentralized mobile wallet for a decentralized future
The mobile wallet is in private beta and will be launched in 2022
For any blockchain platform to be remotely successful it needs to make the technology easy and accessible to normal people. Nexus achieves this with a truly decentralized mobile wallet and signature chains.
The mobile wallet puts the blockchain in very persons hand, combine that with the free transactions and ease of building dapps with API's which the developers can use to design DApps, which in-turn will create utility for Nexus.
Traditionally, mobile wallets use proxy servers run by third parties or wallet developers to communicate with the blockchain network**.** The proxy server acts as a trusted party and is the sole provider of information regarding blockchain state. The Nexus wallet, on the other hand, runs the same desktop core, operates as a lite node by downloading a list of peers from the network seed nodes and forming connections to several of its peers. This allows the wallet to broadcast transactions directly to the network and detect confirmations by checking for inclusion against block headers. The Nexus mobile wallet gains added security by being able to verify block headers provided by multiple peers instead of through one central node. For the tech-savvy, this is also known as Simplified Payment Verification.
Traditional vs Nexus Mobile Wallet
Following the principle of the Nexus software stack, new mobile dapps will be able to interface and interact with the local wallet instead of relying on a separate server to obtain information regarding blockchain state. The Nexus mobile wallet is also completely non-custodial, meaning that your signature chain remains completely private. All transactions are processed and packaged on the local device and then broadcast to the rest of the network, just like a full node.
By necessity, the Nexus mobile wallet will only store and process block headers and the user's signature chain, starting with the hash of the very first Tritium block hard-coded into the wallet. For an advanced user running their own full node and certain API functionality, it is possible to enable the mobile wallet to establish a direct connection. This enables a user to offload heavy computational work to their desktop node, such as searching through historical data or maintaining a full copy of the blockchain.

A Next-Gen Mobile Wallet

The Nexus mobile wallet has been designed with decentralization and mass adoption at it's core. The mobile wallet will put blockchain in everyone's hand and this will make Nexus a de-facto choice for any developer to consider. Signature chains make it a hassle free experience for the user, in case the smartphone is lost or damaged, will not permanently lock users crypto portfolio, just download the wallet and log in on the new phone and the user has full access to his Nexus assets.
Nexus mobile wallet will replace and challenge the centralized system designs, available in the crypto sphere.
Join us and be part of the decentralized future.