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Hybrid Network

Hybrid networks provide scalability and privacy
Today fully decentralized blockchains are still in their infancy and scalability holds back the full potential. There are a lot of scaling technologies being integrated like Lightning and Plasma which claim to solve the problem of scalability, but layer 2 solutions are not the best approach to scale fully decentralized blockchains.
Nexus designed two different scaling solutions, depending on the use-cases and requirements, the first being the Hybrid network. Nexus is designed to be a hybrid Network. Hybrid network will solve a lot of problems faced by other chains like scalability, privacy and security for sensitive client data.
Nexus core is used to run the public, private and hybrid nodes and the configuration sets them apart

What is a Hybrid Network?

Hybrid networks allows a private and public chains hybrid user account to exist as a single entity. A particular private network is linked to the public chain with a unique hybrid user account. This allows the company's sensitive sales and finance data on the private chain to be truly private and secure, but still be secured with the public chain by creating a state recording checkpoints on the public network. Hybrid network can have their own consensus mechanisms implemented if required.

Benefits of Hybrid Network

Hybrid networks lets the Nexus chain to scale horizontally, as it offloads processing to the private nodes and that creates parallel processing chains. When a lot of hybrid networks join the public chain the Nexus blockchain can scale massively while still preserving privacy and security of the private networks. The Hybrid chain will be the preferred way for enterprises and organisations to embrace and shift to blockchain.
  • It will be the defacto choice of Enterprises and Corporations. They will have full control and privacy for their sensitive data, while also able to transact on the public network.
  • As all the private chain computation is offloaded to dedicated private nodes it becomes fast and cheap
  • No fess for any operation on private side of the hybrid networks
  • Data security and scalability
More details on Hybrid Networks will be provided as the development is completed