Nexus Dev

Testnet Node

A place where you will find all the information needed to run testnets
The Interactions arm, developer support team is running a full fledged testnet for the developer community. This testnet mimics the mainnet with three channel consensus and also mines testnet coins. The testnet only supports tritium chain and legacy support has been removed. we also provide a single multiuser node for testing and can ramp up if anyone has specific requirements
We will also be providing testnet coins to developers to test their applications.
Please contact the Interactions, developer support team for testnet coins or any help related to the testnet on telegram​
We recommend application developers to join the testnet with their own nodes which will give them full control on the node, and access to a full fledged managed testnet
The developers can even run their own separate testnet, but it will require a lot of resources .
This testnet uses the merging branch and you may come across some bugs.